Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: Cyber Strike Structure Deck


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  • Contents: 5 Ultra Rare Cards, 3 Super Rare Cards, 40 Common Cards and 1 Deluxe Double-Sided Game Mat/Duelling Guide
  • Cyber Strike enhances both of Zane Truesdale’s strategies from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime!
  • Dimensions: 11.2L x 14.8W x 19.2H cm

Product Description

Structure Deck: Cyber Strike enhances both of Zane Truesdale’s strategies from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime! This is one of the most customizable Structure Decks yet. You can choose to focus on Zane’s original Cyber Dragon Fusion strategy, his Dragon-based Cyber dark strategy, or play both together in a single Deck like in the later seasons of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Cyber Dragons! You can fuse together multiple copies of Cyber Dragon with Power Bond to create Zane’s signature Cyber End Dragon and raise its ATK all the way to 8000!

It’s easier than ever thanks to a brand-new monster that can add Power Bond from your Deck and let you use monsters in your Graveyard as Fusion Materials for it Cyber darks! Load your Graveyard with Dragons, then equip them to your “Cyberdark” monsters to power them up! Use Cyber dark Impact! to fuse together the original 3 “Cyber dark” monsters to create Cyberdark Dragon or use Overload Fusion to fuse any 5 “Cyber dark” Effect Monsters to create Cyber darkness Dragon instead. Both! Why choose just one when you can have both? Structure Deck: Cyber Strike specializes in fusing these two strategies together into a powerful hybrid strategy, and the ultimate symbol of this fusion is a new fusion of Cyber dark Dragon and Cyber End Dragon!

This 5000 ATK powerhouse can also be Summoned by Tributing Cyber darkness Dragon while equipped with Cyber End Dragon, so even the requirements for playing your new boss monster are flexible! And more! With the new Spell Card Cybernetic Horizon, both strategies can fuse with no malfunctions! This card allows you to add a Dragon or Machine “Cyber” monster to your hand and fill your GY with “Cyber” Dragon or Machine monsters necessary for Overload Fusion! Reach for the horizon and grasp your victory.