Star Wars: Shatterpoint – Lead by Example Squad Pack

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Kel Dor Jedi Master Plo Koon has earned a reputation for undertaking dangerous missions in the service of the Galactic Republic, fighting alongside legends like Mace Windu. Among his many accomplishments is discovering Ahsoka Tano when she was still a child and bringing her to the Jedi temple to begin her training.

His leadership skills earned him promotion to general and placed him in command of Battalion 104, nicknamed the “Manada Battalion.” With the help of clone commander CC-3636, better known as Commander Wolffe, this famous battalion participated in many important engagements, including the search and destruction of the Separatist warship Malevolence. Not even the loss of his right eye at the hands of a Sith apprentice stopped Commander Wolffe from continuing to help Plo Koon in carrying out his vital missions for the survival of the Republic…