Once Upon a Time: Animal Tales

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In Once Upon a Time, players tell a story together using cards that show fairytale elements and endings. Now add more possibilities to your game with the 55-card Animal Tales expansion.

Card List from Publisher

Story Cards:
Appear (Event)
At the Top (Place)
Bear (Character)
Bite (Event)
Bone (Thing)
Bug (Character)
Cow (Character)
Disguised as an Animal (Aspect)
Dog (Character)
Farm (Place Interrupt)
Fierce (Aspect)
Fur (Thing Interrupt)
Group (Thing)
Hole (Place)
Hungry (Aspect Interrupt)
Hunt (Event Interrupt)
Inside (Place)
Jump (Event)
Lazy (Aspect Interrupt)
Lion (Character Interrupt)
Loyal (Aspect)
Man-eating (Aspect)
Mouse (Character)
Nest (Place Interrupt)
Noise (Thing)
Owl (Character Interrupt)
Paw (Thing)
Rabbit (Character)
Red (Aspect)
Ride (Event Interrupt)
Shadow (Thing)
Smell (Thing)
Summer (Place)
Tail (Thing Interrupt)
Tame (Aspect)
Trick (Event)
Vanish (Event)
Winter (Place)

Ending Cards:
All agreed the animal was the wisest ruler they ever had.
And that’s why those two creatures still hate each other.
As a thank-you they invited the tiny animals to live with them.
But he was terrified of the tiny creatures for the rest of his life.
Every summer and winter the villagers thank the animals with a feast.
Its quest done, the creature never spoke or did magic again.
Now they knew the secret, they never ate those creatures again.
So the loyal pet was reunited with its long-lost owner.
That’s how those animals got their distinctive markings.
That’s why the fierce beast still guards the ruins every night.
The creature became human and the couple were able to marry.
The smallest animals had saved the mighty kingdom.
The story of how she tamed the monster is still told today.
The trick was revealed and the animals chased the villain away.
They let the beast keep the treasure; they had found each other.
With the beast’s true identity known, the family could live peacefully.
With the curse broken, the strange animal was never seen