Magic the Gathering Mystery Booster Box


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Embrace the Chaos. Draft the Unknown.

Chaos draft. Cube draft. ??? draft. Go off-format with Mystery Boosters’ huge pool of wild and wonderful cards pulled from over 20 years of Magic history—Over 1,600 reprints and 121 surprises you’ll have to see to believe. Fill an 8-person draft and never see the same card twice!

Enter Mystery Booster.

Booster Pack Contents:
* 2 white commons or uncommons
* 2 blue commons or uncommons
* 2 black commons or uncommons
* 2 red commons or uncommons
* 2 green commons or uncommons
* 1 multicolor common or uncommon
* 1 artifact or land common or uncommon
* 1 Pre-M15 card
* 1 Post-M15 rare or mythic
* 1 foil card pulled from a curated list

There are 24 packs in a sealed box.